Blasta Books #2: Hot Fat

by Russell Alford and Patrick Hanlon

Russell Alford and Patrick Hanlon are fried food aficionados – they are absolutely obsessed with anything that can be put in a deep fryer or a pot full of dripping. They've taken familiar favourites, chipper classics and the flavours we can’t get enough of these days and have created the ultimate version of every recipe, from the perfect chips to spice burgers, corn dogs and Korean fried chicken. Their style is all about fun, casual and approachable food, which is exactly what this book delivers.

"Ever since I first heard that this book was in the works, I’ve been in a ferment of excitement. I know that air fryers are extremely popular these days, but I share with the authors here a belief that hot fat (rather than hot air) is where it’s at! I bought myself an electric deep-fat fryer as a present in 2020, and it has brought consequent delight. So this most definitely is the book for me. And I just love it, from the glorious cover on. It’s a small book, but one which brings huge pleasure: Black Pudding Scotch Eggs; Potato Pavé; Korean Fried Chicken; Frickles (fried pickles, natch); Bacon and Cheese Croquettes; and, of course, chips are some of the joys within." - Nigella Lawson


  • ISBN: 9781999379919
  • Format: Hardcover, 72 pages
  • Dimensions: 21.7 x 1.2 x 15.4 cm
  • Publication date: 5 May 2022

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    About the authors

    Russell Alford and Patrick Hanlon are the food and travel writer duo behind GastroGays. Begun in 2013, GastroGays has grown into an internationally recognised and award-winning brand and website, specialising in food and travel through recipes, features and guides as well as highly engaged social media channels, all served with a unique tone of voice, style and vision.

    Russell and Patrick co-produce and present the popular Chew the Fat podcast and also regularly contribute to the media landscape, from appearances on RTÉ radio and Newstalk to writing for the Irish Times, Lonely Planet, RTÉ Lifestyle and other publications, both in print and online. They are also brand ambassadors for the Boyne Valley Flavours region of food and drink producers and venues around their home area of Louth/Meath.


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