Blasta Books #12: Socafro

The word ‘Socafro’ is a mash-up of Alistair 'JD' Jeje’s two favourite types of music: the rhythmic beats of Soca from Trinidad & Tobago and the soulful lines of Afrobeat from Nigeria. This combination reflects JD’s own dual heritage and it’s also the name of his business, Socafro Kitchen. Each recipe in this book, from his macaroni pie to his take on jollof rice, tells a story reminiscent of JD’s childhood memories, bridging the culinary gap between West Africa and the Caribbean.


  • ISBN: 9781739210564
  • Format: Hardcover, 72 pages
  • Dimensions: 21.7 x 1.2 x 15.4 cm
  • Publication date: 24 October 2024
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    About the author

    Alistair Jeje, affectionately known by many as JD, is the proud proprietor of Socafro Kitchen, a bustling street food venture in Waterford City offering an enticing fusion of Caribbean and Nigerian flavours. This culinary blend pays homage to his roots: his mother hails from Trinidad and his father from Nigeria. The name Socafro comes from JD’s passion for two distinct music genres: the vibrant rhythms of Caribbean soca and the pulsating beats of Afro tunes.

    JD was born in England but his formative years were spent in Lagos, where his mother and sister introduced him to the world of cooking. JD believes that your true calling is what you can do effortlessly, and for him, cooking is just that. JD’s larger-than-life charisma is undeniably magnetic, and his radiant smile and treasured recipes lift up everyone who meets him and eats his food.


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