Nine Bean Rows Books

Nine Bean Rows Books is a boutique Irish publishing house for tastemakers and storytellers.

At Nine Bean Rows, we believe that there are two things that connect absolutely everyone, everywhere: food and stories. More people need to be able to share their food and by extension their story, which is why we will initially prioritise new voices in Ireland who have not previously published a book. Our aim is to provide a more inclusive snapshot of Ireland’s modern and diverse food culture.

  • And for mains...

    In this, their first cookbook, they combine the recipes for meat feasts, seafood classics and a few of those curveballs that Gaz is renowned for with stories of the food scene in Ireland, from the inside scoop on Irish beef to the reality of crab fishing in the Irish Sea.

  • Bake by Graham Herterich

    InBake: Traditional Irish Baking with Modern Twists, every recipe for a traditional bake is followed by a fresh new spin using the ingredients available in Ireland now, from advieh to zhug.

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